Post Images and Thumbnails in WordPress

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I get a lot of questions about post images and thumbnails and I notice a lot of clients don’t use the post thumbnails, so I made a quick tutorial for you guys.  Creating post thumbnails using the Thesis theme is so dang easy, it’s a crime not to utilize this

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Premade Logos and Websites

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Pre-made logos are great for start-up businesses that don’t have a large budget.  These logos are still high quality graphics that are customized to your business name and can have custom colors and fonts for an extra charge (although, you can pick the four color options in my shop for

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How to use WordPress Menus

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WordPress menus are super easy once you get the hang of it.  I created this short video to help you get started with your WordPress site.  I had a client that was all the way across the world, and we skyped so I could show her how to use wordpress…and

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