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This is what happens…

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When you leave your notebook and pencil lying around.  You can see the finished product on my Strawberry Mommycakes blog (it’s actually a free Easter Printable).  Good thing 2 year olds are so cute…  

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Good Design: Christmas Gifts

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Welcome to the Good Design Christmas Gift Edition! I am always on the lookout for a creative Christmas gift that people will actually use.  Novelty gifts are great for a laugh, but that’s about it. I love that these items are catered to “Creative Thinkers”–there truly is something out there

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Quite the Photographer

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I will be the first to admit that my photography skills are sub par…but I was going through my pictures today and found this.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  This was at a pumpkin patch in California while we were visiting the hub’s family.  It was a beautiful overcast day…something that

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Good Design: Abigail Daker

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I had a client recently that loves maps…she even has map tattoos.  I saw these and immediately thought of her.  Then I started looking closer and realized how awesome these illustrations are.  These maps by Abigail Daker are so intricate, detailed, colorful and creative.  I love that they have an

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Good Design: Creature Cups

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I saw these Creature Cups and I literally exclaimed out loud.  They are so clever and cute!  I’m in love.  I discovered them through (which is the best place for GOOD DESIGN). The octopus is my favorite, but I also love the otter.  These are only on sale for 15

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Good Design: Air Plants from toHOLD

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I think these little plants are so clever…it’s just well, good design. These little guys come from the etsy store toHOLD. toHold has many other innovative and beautiful plant designs.  The sea urchin buds are only $8.95 + Shipping and the air plant poppers are $24.95 + Shipping. I found out

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